About Us

About Us

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Our Approach

Our Vision

What drives us at Sacred Seeds Travel, and what's unique about our process is, we follow our bliss and embody what Confucius said, "Find a job you like and you will never work a day in your life." What is distinct and interesting about Sacred Seeds Travel, that sets it apart from others in the travel industry is our combined expertise, pure passion, wealth of experiences, and ability to deliver beyond expectations.

Our Story

Our Story

Sacred Seeds Travel is the brainchild of Sacred Seeds Enterprises, LLC. Our passion for traveling  naturally led to this expansion. Our travel roots run deep.

Meet the Team

The people who make Sacred Seeds Travel thrive are enterprising, dynamic and creative, with international and philanthropic mindsets. Our philosophy behind customer service is to provide satisfying experiences that exceed expectations.


Jennifer Perry

Founder & CEO

Globetrotter, Travel Blogger, Travel Agent, Author, Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Owner of Sacred Seeds Natural Bath & Body Products, Producer, Giving Heart, Modern Day Renaissance Woman


Nicole Sharpe

Chief Operating Officer

Beachcomber in Heart & Spirit, Nonprofit Consultant, Professional Coach, Founder of Caribbean Giving, Inc., Philanthropic Mind & Soul

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Next Steps...

If you are interested in being a guest contributor or traveling with us to an upcoming destination, please inquire here.